Empires Of The Mind


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Unravel the knowledge long vanished Replaced by stifling religious dogmas Behold the progress and evolution Through rationality and reason For they will free us… from the oppression of the past And lift us out of the savagery For they will tear… the veils of ignorance cast upon The minds gone blind and contorted The limits of our vision Even with the gift of relentless cognition Are not the limits of the world Shed the shrouds of false conceptions The doors to the Heaven and to the Hell Are adjacent and identical Confined in elusive comprehension Emerging from the fractured transcendence And tearing apart the fabric Of self-inflicted illusions For there is a willful mind behind the curious eyes And reason and insight may reveal The possible destinies Away from the fleeing comforts Of paradigms and sacred truths Purging through withering kingdoms With sanctuaries continuously shattered For where there is no vision, people perish Like nomads on a hopeless journey To the mirage of the holy thrones
Penetrate the deepest mysteries With all-consuming urge (to evolve) Seek the architecture of awareness Lying dormant for centuries The knowledge no longer in fragments Will emerge from a distant memory And unleash the fire of enlightenment Or the pale winds of chaos In search for the wisdom, hidden for aeons Transcend what is not your fate With emotionless gaze Ride the crest of the waves of transgression Harboring the way out But the grace is never immediate And the fear of the conscious self Will only bring ruins and devastation For there is no worship without sacrifice And pallid are the pretensions of superstition Staggering doubts and towering illusions To touch the strings of faltering existence In humbling incompleteness Of our understanding Rise above the ageless paralysis The veneer so decrepit and decayed In denial of the obvious and the unexpected Like dreams abandoned at dawn Transforming matter into consciousness Inside the vortex of diminishing light There is a glimpse of rising grandeur
Visions infused with limitless insights Woven into an imperfect reflection of reality Gradually sowing perpetual seeds Of the wisdom that shines throughout all Like fragments of the whole Emerging into consciousness Ready to unsettle all That we take for granted Transcending the boundaries of certainty Into the boundless new paradigms To defy our ingrained patterns of cognition But the deep structures of the human mind Extending into new regimes of time and space Remain the same The perception of frailty is a consequence Of imagination sufficiently broad and liberated To answer the questions That have defied explanations for centuries Carving out the essence of the ageless design And pushing us to the limits Of what we can know and comprehend Understanding the quantum of action Embarking on the path to divinity To master the process of creation And deconstruction on fundamental levels Where everything comes from nothing With interlocking correlations And unexpected revelations Since the impenetrable inception
Lingering on the shores of the cosmic ocean We are indistinguishable from the wolves As we gaze upon the dispersed horizons In our ephemeral quests for meaning Deciphering the signals of higher potential And peeling back the reminiscence of the past In order to open a new heaven to the human spirit And complete the glorious detachment Imagination bursting under the new suns Will pave the existential path to be taken Across the cold omniabsence Towards the vast comprehension Headed on a voyage of self-discovery Beyond the horizons of death From the planetary to the stellar And from the stellar to the galactic Hearing the sirens call but no longer following The ripples in the veil of space and time With nebulous and ill-defined premonitions On ethereal quest for meaning As the complex illusions begin to fade Like a disturbance in a sliver of sunlight An inescapable perspective awaits us Unrestricted… Pulsing and throbbing We are now the local embodiment Of a cosmos grown to self-awareness And the closer we get to the edge of forever The less we comprehend the implications Lost between immensity and eternity But embracing the distant future
At last standing devoid of obsolete beliefs We are willingly piercing the armor of fear With a strangely different kind of mind Only beginning to discover own identity And transforming the imagination of the multitude Time to meet the vast tides of lucidity In a revered passage from then to now From the depths of the swamp To the threshold of the stars Infinity uncoiled – eternity unfolds Destiny unrestrained Confined to attain the divine powers To love and hate, create and destroy On a fundamentally grander scale And beyond dignified perfection Infinity uncoiled – eternity unfolds Destiny unrestrained Lying hidden with a silent grandeur In the ashes of the nebular alchemy Like a fleeting verse in reverse Glowing through the lifeless void Reeling from the re-discovered self-awareness We are a moment away from crossing the line Still restless and hungry Shortcutting the perpetual stream of evolution To witness the birth of an ascendant civilization Or descend into chaos Rushing ahead onward into infinity No secrets left… But do we have a clue?


While being somewhat different musically from its predecessor “Liturgy Of Spiritual Disturbance”, “Empires Of The Mind” continues to aspire to deliver high level of technicality and offers another chapter of the lyrical concept started on the first record.

With Martin Meyer now responsible for the song writing, the music has evolved and is now more likely to appeal to fans of Obscura or Beyond Creation, as well as modern technical death metal bands. The new songs contain hints of melodies and have hooks that will catch the listener’s attention, while remaining intense and complex.

Lyrics-wise, “Empires Of The Mind” looks at humanity that has moved away from obsolete religious dogmas and has started building its future on a rational mind, advancing knowledge and cutting-edge science. As a result, the whole civilization is moving to another level. It is starting to comprehend the laws at the quantum level and aspiring to reach for the stars at the same time. And at last, it feels liberated. The question is, whether the humankind will make it and will transform, perhaps into another species altogether, or downfall and descend into chaos.


released August 6, 2021

Michal Kusak - vocals; lyrics
Martin Meyer - all guitars, bass; music

Aaron Stechauner - session drums
Jaroslav Petrik - guest vocals

Chris Donaldson & The Grid Productions - mix and mastering
Orion Landau - cover artwork


all rights reserved




A technical death metal act from the Czech Republic, featuring past and current members of HEAVING EARTH.
Initially conceived in 2006 as a one-time brutal death project but resurrected as a regular band in 2019 and moving into a more contemporary tech death space.
The latest record "Empires Of The Mind" features drums by Aaron Stechauner (Interloper, ex Rings of Saturn) and mix by Chris Donaldson
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